Who’s The Biggest Railer You Know?

They Talk The Talk, But Actually Walk The Walk

Becoming a railer isn’t easy.  As you heard in my short story being a railer is all about confidence, but confidence is no good without action.  If you’re a basketball player and you’re talking a big game but can’t sink 3s like the Golden State Warriors then you’re no railer.

I always think about the biggest railer I know.  It’s my buddy Will.  Will is a fucking freak when it comes down to the way he thinks about the world.  He’s full emerged himself in the entrepreneurial cool aid, but struts his shit all over the street.  Will is a marketing superstar.

He knows his shit, speaks like he knows his shit and then does whatever he wants while running a 6 figure business.  It’s unbelievable!  He’ll be talking about his snowboard sessions with 3 feet of powder on a Wednesday morning while the rest of the world is 9-5’ing their way to 6 feet under.

Check him out online at www.willpowermarketing.com for all his info.  Certified badass digital marketer.  Plus, he’s got the best branding on earth.  Will Power Marketing?  Talk about best name ever.  On top of that he’s got a bunch of other websites too in the marketing world.  I tracked down one his videos here: